Isles of Scilly Travel Car Parking

Isles of Scilly parking for the Scillonian III Ferry or Skybus/Helicopter.

We pride ourselves with our friendly & personal service including taking all the family, dogs & luggage direct to the Scillonian III departure point or Land’s End Airport.

Budget parking available from only £30 per week for any size car.

book your parking online

or call us on 01736 740277

Fully Licensed

Our car park and shuttle buses are fully licensed by Cornwall Council.

We’re located in Penzance so it takes less than 10 minutes to take/pick you up from Penzance Quay in our modern shuttle bus service.

Travel by boat

We are ideal if you decide to travel to the Isles of Scilly by Scillonian III boat.

We’ll drop you and your luggage off at Penzance Ferry Terminal and then collect you on the return journey.

Travel by plane/boat/helicopter

Travelling to the Isles of Scilly by Skybus is very popular.

If you want to fly out and return by boat, or vice versa, we can cater for both needs.

We Welcome Dogs

Small or large, we accept any size dogs

or call us on 01736 740277

Fly & Sail

Fly out/sail back or vice versa


Park your car in our fully licensed car park and take your car keys with you.

We take you to Land’s End Airport to catch the Skybus to the Isles of Scilly.

We charge you £25 per car to the airport.

We take you to the railway station to meet the shuttle bus to Land’s End Airport. This will cost you £6 per person. Book this when you book your flight tickets.

We charge you £10 per car to take you to the station.

Catch the Scillonian Ferry back to Penzance Quay.
We are there to meet you and bring you and your luggage back to your car.

This service is included in your standard price.

Budget Parking

Save money with our driver only transport option

Our Budget parking option can SAVE YOU MONEY by you dropping off your passengers and luggage beforehand and we just transport the driver only. Our Budget parking starts from only £30 per week.

The Budget parking option is only available for customers travelling by Scillonian and those who are parking for a minimum of 1 week. This option will suit customers who can drop their passengers and luggage to Penzance quay i.e campers, divers, kayakers or customers with cycles.

This service is the same as our existing car parking arrangements but we will only transport the driver with NO luggage and NO passengers. This means the DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE ONLY. If you arrive with any other passengers you will be charged the full amount on that day.

Car park is open from 7am please ensure you are with us by 8am. This is for a 9.15am sailing.
Saturday Summer Sailings: Open from 7.45am. Please ensure you are with us by 9.15am for a 10.15am sailing.
If you have different sailing times to the above please call us.


Outbound Journey

Upon arriving in Penzance, please drop your luggage and passengers at the quay.

Then make your way to Scilly Parking. SAT NAV Users: TR20 8AW.

Please ensure that only the DRIVER takes the vehicle to Scilly Parking.

Once you have parked your car our inclusive bus transfer service will take you back to the quay. Please ensure you take your keys with you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive at Scilly Parking with any of the above equipment, extra passengers or luggage you will be asked to take it all down to the Quay and this may result in you missing the Scillonian Ferry.

The reason we can offer this service at a discounted rate is because we are transporting the DRIVER only.

Return Journey

On return from the Scillies the driver needs to get off the Scillonian ASAP. Our return transfer service will be ready and waiting at the end of the quay to take you back to your car. (Look out for the Scilly Parking minibuses). This return service is for the driver only, who will be taken to collect their car. Co-passengers and luggage will need to wait on the quay until the driver returns.

By the time you get back to the quay you will be able to safely pick up your family and luggage.


Please do not try and bring other passengers/luggage back with you.

or call us on 01736 740277